Ten Facts

Whenever I take an interest in either a blogger or a youtuber (and i mean this in the least creepy way), I like to know things about them. I’m not sure if it is so i can work out whether they are “my kind of person” or whether it’s because I am so damn nosey (there’s one fact already!) but I love these sorts of posts so I thought i’d do one. 🙂

  1. I was born in Nice, France, but moved to London when I was a baby (my dad is french, my mum is english).

  2. I have a perfect circle of white on my back where there is no pigmentation in that part of the skin… weird right!

  3. I am super close to my family. I do not consider my parents to be my “best friends” or anything like that but I enjoy their company and we get along most of the time really well.

  4. My favourite parts of London are Covent Garden, Greenwich and Canary Wharf.

  5. I hate red meat. Steak is probably my least favourite food.

  6. I love celebrating other peoples birthdays and making them feel special.

  7. I eat really small portions, always have.

  8. I am a capricorn.

  9. My favourite colours are pink and black.

  10. My favourite season is summer. I am so miserable in the winter or when i’m cold.


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