Waitress problems

Since I was 16 I have worked as a waitress in various different restaurants around London and Brighton. It’s a job that I actually quiet enjoy and although it is not something i’m planning on doing forever, it is a job that has taught me a lot and hopefully the skills i’ve learnt will help me when I start my career. Anyway, this post is aimed to be light hearted on some of the problems us waiters/waitress’ have to face on a day to day basis.

When customers ask to sit on the ONE dirty table in the restaurant that you hadn’t had the chance to clean yet…giphy.gif

When a customer calls you over from the other side of the restaurant to ask for the bill, making you walk for nothing, when surely everyone knows the bill gesture?giphy-4

Fake laughing at jokes made by a customer, that already 10 customers have made that same daygiphy-1.gif

The heart wrenching moment when the table of 25 you’ve been serving on let you know that they all need separate billsgiphy-2.gif

When you check back on how the meal is going and they answer “good” but then wait till your clearing their EMPTY plates to make a complaint about how their steak was undercooked…200.gif

Those customers who bang on about being a regular in an attempt to get a free drink… yes you and the other 80 percent of the diners in heresource.gif

When you let them know that an item isn’t available and they say “ah I came here just for that”giphy.gif

Or when you let them know that an item isn’t available and they still order it anyway200-2.gif

Watching in a state of disbelief that a couple would rather make out in a closed restaurant rather than head home… seriously though, why?giphy-3.gif

Customer: “What kind of sushi do you do?”  Me: “Sorry Sir but we are an Italian restaurant, we do pizza and pasta”200-3.gif





*  all these giphs were found using http://giphy.com *


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