Under £30 clothing haul


Anyone who knows me will tell you how much I love shopping so I thought i’d do a clothing haul of everything i’ve bought in the last week. It also just so happens that all the clothes i’ve bought have been under £30 which I think for the things that I got are really good! Oh also, sorry for the posed photos but I thought it’s good to show what the clothes actually look like rather than just on hangers etc!

Denim Shirtimage1-2

Shop: Zara

Price: €25.95

Paired with: black jeans, biker boots & a choker.

I love this shirt. Firstly, just to clarify the reason it is in euros is because my mum and dad actually bought me this whilst they were in Rome but i’m pretty sure it would be around the same price in the UK. The shirt is slightly cropped which I actually really like. It has a really casual vibe to it but also if you put it with a nice choker I feel like it would be a great outfit for an evening in a pub with friends or going for a casual dinner!


Mesh Topimage3.JPG

Shop: Urban Outfitters

Price: £24.00

Paired with: high waisted dark (ish) denim jeans, black belt & knee high boots.

When I saw this top I had to get it! It was funny really because I had been browsing online that very same day for a top similar so I was really happy when I saw it in the store. I think this top is so lovely. It’s a great fit, really tight around the arms and body which again is the look I wanted. I feel like this top would be really good for a night out in a bar with friends. You could even wear it with heels to make it slightly more dressy or you could wear it with high waisted shorts and trainers to a festival to make it more casual.

Black Cut Out Dressimage4.JPG

Shop: Zara

Price: £19.99

Paired with: brown over the knee boots.

This dress is so flattering! It’s a really nice tight fitted dress but the cut out detail in the middle means that it draws attention just above the lower part of the stomach (AKA the unflattering pouch we all get when we eat too much haha) and as a result makes it flattering. Also I really feel like this dress is right on trend at the moment as there are a lot of clothes in the shops with cut out pieces etc. Oh and for the price I really think that it is defiantly a must have!

Black Sparkle Pinafore Dressimage5

Shop: Zara

Price: £25.99

Paired with: a long sleeved white roll neck and black knee high boots.

This dress is so cute and I feel it has a sophisticated look about it. I love how its intertwined with black sequins to give it a bit of a glamours factor. I also love the material of the dress, I feel like it makes it suitable for formal environments like work etc but then if you were going for dinner or drinks after it would also be perfect for that.

Pink Tailored Trousersimage6.JPG

Shop: Topshop

Price: £25.00

Paired with: a long sleeved white roll neck and topshop trainers.

Firstly, I actually got these trousers in the sale and I was over the moon! Pink is my favourite colour and I love the shade of pink these trousers are! I love the fact they are high waisted so you can easily wear them with a crop top or like what i’ve done just tuck a top inside them. I also love the belt part of the trousers, you can make it super tight at the waist and then the detailing at the front of the trouser again gives it a really flattering look. These trousers can be worn with brogues around the office to smarten it up or worn with trainers like I have done to make them slightly more casual. It also looks really cute with a black leather jacket too. PS – I probably should have opted for a white bra instead of black with this top but I was too lazy to change! haha wooopsss…

Lace Grey Crop Topimage2.JPG

Shop: Zara

Price: £17.99

Paired with: black high waisted jeans and wedges.

Such a cute top for a causal night out. I decided against doing a full length photo as I wanted you to see the detailing of the top. Its so lovely and I love the colour of the top. I also love the cuffs of the top… reminds me of being a pirate haha!


Hope you enjoyed this post and that I have hopefully given you a bit of shopping inspo! Xxx


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