My Skin Care Routine

Hey guys! In today’s post I am going to be sharing my day to day skin care routine. Skin care is something that many of us obsess about. I am extremely fortunate that 80% of the time my skin is clear from spots, the only time I get them is when i’m due on my period and then I will get a small cluster on my chin. Other than that I very rarely get the odd big spot that will appear somewhere completely random on my face and they’re usually a nightmare to get rid of and huge!! But like I said it’s rare and only happens like every 5 months or so, so I really can’t complain too much!

However, one thing that I do suffer with is blemishes, especially around the edges of my nose and it drives me nuts! A few months ago my skin was very red with blemishes, which I personally feel was down to the miserable winter weather. Anyway, it really started to bother me and after using countless of hopeless products I decided to take matters into my own hands and troll the internet until I found something that worked that was more natural. Eventually after various different google searches I stumbled across this forum – which I cannot for the life of me remember what it was now – which talked about using fresh lemons as away of fighting against bad skin/blemishes and OH MY GOODNESS it worked! It really helped to brighten my skin overall as well as minimise my blemishes!

Anyway, enough waffle here is my day to day skin care routine…


As soon as I wake up I go straight to the bathroom and splash my face about 4 times with lukewarm water before patting it dry with a CLEAN face towel. (What I mean by clean is that I replace it every two days and honestly think this plays a part in keeping my skin clear).

After this I reach for my Aveeno cream and squeeze two small raisin blobs on my fingers before rubbing the cream into my face, jaw line and neck. That is literally it! I then either wait a few minutes for the cream to skin in and start to apply make up if I’m in a rush or I go about my day etc.


The first thing I do remove my make up with micellar cleansing water with a cotton pad. I found that putting a smaller amount of water on the pad more beneficial then really soaking the pad as it sort of just rubs all the make up into your face(?) – has anyone else experienced this haha?!

Once fully removed I’ll jump into a hot steamy shower, which obviously is a step that is not necessary related to skin care and doesn’t have to be done as soon as I take my make up off but it is what I usually do as I feel like the hot steamy shower opens up my pores on face and I will splash the hot water from the shower on my skin.

Once I’m out the shower I will run the tap with the plug in until it is very very cold, almost freezing. I then splash the water against my face a few times.

My next step is where the lemon comes in. I cut a lemon in half and squeeze some of the juice into the cold water. I then literally rub the lemon on my face (almost like an exfoliator) HOWEVER, if you have a spot this can sometimes sting and obviously don’t get it too close to your eyes. I don’t rub it on harshly and focus mainly on the nose area where my blemishes are most present.

After this I leave the excess of the lemon juice on face for maybe 30 seconds to a minute before I then splash my face with the cold lemon squeezed water.

Once this is done I then reach for the face towel and again pat dry before putting the same amount of Aveeno cream on my face, jaw and neck again.

Of course everybody’s skin type is different and I am not saying that this will work for everyone but honestly has really helped me! Occasionally there have been times where either I have had no lemons at home for a few days or I have been away and not able to do the full skin care routine and I can see my skin sort of slip back to how it was. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this blog post and who knows, it might help you! 🙂 xxxx

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image1 2 copy 3

image1 3

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