About me

Hi,  I am 22 year old girl from London.

I’ve been debating on whether to start a blog (well that’s kind of a lie, I did have one but I have deleted it and wanted to start again). Sounds stupid but I just didn’t want to be judged! I was thinking about going anoyinmous but I want my blog to be about me and have pictures of myself and my life and thought that it might be restricting. So, instead i’m going to just not show it off to the world. Keep it private, not post it to my social media etc. I want my blog to be like my diary, somewhere I can vent, share exciting news and just generally write my feelings down. I want to be honest and truthful in what I write. Firstly, however, I must apologise to the grammar police. I know that my spelling etc isn’t the best but I am dyslexic!

Anyway, hope you enjoy reading!! 🙂


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